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In 2017, the Prefectural Government of Okinawa formulated a “MICE Hosting and Attraction Strategy” to outline the direction of MICE in the coming 10 years. The Prefectural Government will leverage its geographical advantages as a center located between Asia and Japan and work together with industry to attract and host the new business events such as conferences, events, trade shows and exhibitions chiefly for priority industries of the Asian Economic Strategy Initiative.
  • Q1

    What are the advantages and appealing points of Okinawa Prefecture as a venue for exhibitions, trade fairs, and business meetings?
    Regarding the merits of Okinawa Prefecture as a venue for trade fairs and business meetings, please read the following sections of this website: “Outline of Okinawa Prefecture,” “Worldwide Network,” “The Future of Okinawa” and “Okinawa Prefecture Asian Economic Strategy Initiative.”
  • Q2

    What exhibitions, trade fairs, and business meetings were held in Okinawa in the past?
    Various events have been held in Okinawa Prefecture. International large-scale events held recently in Okinawa include: the Great Okinawa Trade Fair which is the largest international food business meeting held in Japan; Okinawa Venture Market, a cross-industrial social event held in the form of a business fair; and Routes Asia 2017, the largest business meeting in Asia which aims to open new airline routes.
  • Q3

    Are there experienced and skilled local partners to help us hold an event in Okinawa?
    Yes, there are various local partners in Okinawa Prefecture, including event planners, interpreters, and rental companies experienced in international exhibitions and business meetings.
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Expanding business opportunities through exhibitions and business meetings

The Okinawa Prefectural Government is promoting business in various industrial sectors through MICE events, including exhibitions and business meetings. There are many advantages to be gained by participating in exhibitions and other MICE events as shown below. We look forward to helping you expand business opportunities through these events.
  • You can effectively convey information on your products and services to purchase-decision makers (buyers).
  • You can use MICE events to unveil new products and conduct product testing.
  • You can receive feedback about your products and services from many buyers.
  • You can get ideas to expand sales channels, both domestic and international, and search for business partners.
  • You can catch up with the latest industrial trends and exchange opinions.
※Purchase agreements are often concluded through trade fairs.
If you have any other questions or need more detailed information, please contact:
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Overseas and Business Support Division, Industry Promotion Department
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